The Consumer Group Of Industrial Dehumidifiers

The consumer group

• The demand for the product is not complicated, as long as it can meet the dehumidification, but the sensitivity to the price is higher;

• If the consumer is a strong unit and some research institutes and other institutions, the performance requirements of the machine is higher, the price is a secondary consideration.


Among domestic manufacturers, dehumidifiers are early involved in the field of dehumidifiers, and Gree has grown rapidly in recent years. Many large companies have voluntarily given up the domestic market due to various factors, such as market maturity and consumer price acceptance.


The brand pattern

In the dehumidifier industry, there are still no brands and enterprises that have truly formed scale. In 2010, there were only a handful of companies with sales revenues exceeding 100 million yuan. Most of the enterprises have sales revenues of less than 20 million yuan. The brand structure is only a prototype. There are two main reasons for this situation:


First, smaller market demand has affected the development of the industry. Under the circumstance of no market demand, enterprises pay less attention to the product. The dehumidifier can only become a subsidiary small product, and the professional dehumidifier Enterprises do not have enough strength to promote.


Second, there are many types of dehumidifier products, and the application fields are also complicated, resulting in disordered sales channels. However, as a subdivided market, the market and profit margin of the dehumidifier industry still exist objectively, so it will attract new brands to enter.

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