Industrial Dehumidifier

Industrial Dehumidifier manufacturer

1. Application of Industrial Dehumidifier

Air drying: Industrial dehumidifiers are widely used in valuable goods warehouses, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, leather, footwear, furniture, printed products, chemicals, tobacco and many other industries. The article avoids the significant loss caused by moisture and mildew. The product has a large applicable area, especially suitable for large workshops and warehouses.
Drying of items: Industrial dehumidifiers have strong dehumidification, and are especially suitable for the drying and dehumidification of cartons, cartons, printed products, wood, medicine villages, preserved fruits, seafood, leather shoes, and other items. It strongly removes the internal moisture of the materials, fast drying, and efficient Energy saving.

2. Principle of Industrial Dehumidifier

The industrial dehumidifier draws humid air into the machine through the fan, and cools the evaporator below the dew point through the compressor refrigeration. The humid air condenses into water on the surface through the evaporator, collects it into the water receiving tray, and flows into the water tank, dry air Reheated by the condenser and discharged from the air outlet, so that continuous circulation will reduce the indoor humidity.

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