Commercial Dehumidifier Manufacturer

Compressor has a three-minute automatic delay protection function.

With overload, over temperature, phase sequence, low voltage protection.
High and low wind speed, independent turbine air duct system, powerful and silent.

best commercial dehumidifier for sale

We provide a comprehensive range of portable and stationary commercial dehumidifiers, which can be customized or customized, suitable for all environments and industries, including: pharmaceutical factories, food factories and confectionery factories, document storage rooms, preservation and filing rooms, cold storage rooms, materials Handling rooms, breweries, water plants, power stations, ice rinks, stadiums, etc.

commercial dehumidifier specifications

ModelDY-C90L DY-C138L DY-C240L DY-C360L DY-C480L
Power Supply220V~ 50Hz220V~ 50Hz220V~ 50Hz220V~ 50Hz220V~ 50Hz
Moisture Removal Capacity90L/D(30°C RH80%)138L/D(30°C RH80%)240L/D(30°C RH80%)360L/D(30°C RH80%)480L/D(30°C RH80%)
 50L/D(27°C RH60%)86L/D(27°C RH60%)158L/D(27°C RH60%)229L/D(27°C RH60%)347L/D(27°C RH60%)
Rated Power1030W1620W3680W4780W7850W
Rated Current4.8A7.6A6A10A16A
Max Power1480W2630W5370W7000W11150W
Max Current6.85A12.5A10A13.5A20A
RefrigerantR410A/0.8kg R410A/1.1kgR410A/1.85kg R410A/1.75*2kgR410A/2.0*2kg
Operating Temperature5~38°C5~38°C5~38°C5~38°C5~38°C
Net Weight60kg65kg140kg210kg240kg

The above five models have common advantages

1. High-quality sheet metal body
2. Fault detection system
3. Full touch control screen
4. Efficient control program
5. Brand compressor

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